Refund and Returns Policy

A clear and concise Refund Policy provides consumers with a sense of safety knowing that the item they purchase is sure to be exactly what it's advertised to be. If a seller doesn't provide the guarantee, customers tend to be skeptical and avoid buying the item. So, we have an organized return policy since our customers are always first.

We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our clients. We work hard to keep our commitment to provide our customers with top quality goods and services. In line with this commitment, we have come up with a refund guarantee that is all to the policies, conditions and terms of our business.

We offer a clear, concise and well-crafted refund policies based on the kind of item you decide to purchase. We aim to offer our customers with the best level of satisfaction and make sure to see to the products we offer are tailored to their specific needs.

Refund Policy For Live Webinar/On-Demand/Pre-Recorded:

Skilltrackers main goal is the satisfaction of our customers and we strive to give the best product of high-quality and we also respect their hard-earned cash. We offer a complete assurance of a refund in the event that our products fail to meet their expectations or requirements while keeping in mind the conditions and terms of our business.

We provide refunds for live webinars / On-Demand /Pre Recorded Webinars under below mentioned circumstances:

  • The webinar got cancelled by Skilltrackers due to unforeseen circumstances/technical problems.
  • Participants who are unable to attend a session or who wish to cancel their registration must notify us at minimum 24 hours before the scheduled date for training to be credited a credit or refund. Notification of cancellation should be sent in writing by email or phone. To cancel via email, send the cancellation notice to:

We Are Not Able to Process Refunds If the Following Situations Take Place If:

  • If there's any technical issue on the part of the customer/attendee.
  • If a participant or customer has quit the webinar at any point during it or after login.

Refund Policy For Transcript/Any Digital Download:

  • Skilltrackers will offer a 100% refund of money in the event the webinar is cancelled Transcript prior to the date of the webinar.
  • After the webinar date, no refund is available for Transcript and other downloads that are digital.

Special Instruction Regarding Newsletter

We offer newsletters with an enlightened refund policy. You are able to use any number of newsletters that you like. When you decide to stop our newsletter and we subtract the amount for the newsletter you used and the remaining sum will be returned with any questions.

Instruction Regarding Subscription

Please be aware that any fees paid for any subscription period are due in advance and we do not guarantee any reimbursement in whole or in part for that.
Refund: To obtain a refund for a webinar, please contact Skilltrackers at 1-800-125-1254 or at any time prior to the start of the webinar.

Questions or Complaints:

For any general questions about your registration, refund status (if any) and complaints regarding your refund details, please contact to sort out your queries.